Mixed Breed Dog Clubs of America

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Where can I find the MBDCA rules and regulations?

The rules and regulations for all activities governed by the MBDCA, including obedience, rally, conformation, lure coursing, retriever instinct, and versatility can be found on this web site.
» View the MBDCA Rules and Regulations.

What is the Mixed Breed Dog Club of America (MBDCA)?

The Mixed Breed Dog Clubs of America (MBDCA), founded in 1978, is a non-profit corporation for owners and supporters of mixed breed dogs. Members elect directors and officers for the national organization just as local clubs elect their leaders for the local club. All members, upon approval of their membership application, must agree to abide by the MBDCA Code of Ethics and Club Rules and Regulations.

How does MBDCA differ from other mixed breed registries?

MBDCA is a dog club, not just a registry. As a club, it elects its officers and directors and maintains a membership roster. Members in good standing are entitled to full privileges of membership in the corporation.

Perhaps what most distinguishes MBDCA is that we certify our own judges based on training, showing and judging experience. This assures both quality and consistency in judging. In fact, many MBDCA judges are also AKC, UKC, and ASCA-approved judges.

Can any dog be registered with the MBDCA?

No. Only neutered or spayed mixed breed dogs and some purebred dogs. The MBDCA welcomes handicapped purebreds that are not allowed to compete in AKC or other registry competitions, and purebreds whose owners would like to earn titles in non-traditional titles for those breeds (non-sighthounds can earn coursing titles, non-retrievers can earn retrieving titles, etc.). While these purebreds do not need to be altered, there is a Code of Ethics that registering owners must agree to abide by when they register their dogs with MBDCA.

How can I join the MBDCA if there are no local clubs in my area?

These members can hold membership on the national level if they wish. If a local club should subsequently be formed in their area, they can transfer their membership to the local club.

How can I form a local chapter in my area?

Write the MBDCA Membership Secretary. The National office and this website can assist with pointers in how to organize a new chapter.

How much are the MBDCA dues?

Dues are set by each local club. Dues for national members currently are $16 per year, payable each October. There is a one-time registration fee of $5 per dog.

What is the MBDCA Code of Ethics?

Essentially, members of MBDCA agree (1) that all mixed breed dogs which they own are made sterile, (2) they will not breed any purebred dog which is not registered by a nationally recognized kennel club, (3) they will observe good breeding practices in connection with any purebred dogs which they may own, and (4) practice good sportsmanship toward other dog owners. Proof of sterilization must accompany membership application.
» Read the full MBDCA Code of Ethics.

What is the MBDCA's definition of a Mixed Breed Dog?

They come in a wide variety of colors. Their coats can be short or long, curly or straight, silky or wiry. They can weigh eight pounds or eighty.

Mixed breed dogs are as diverse as the purebreds from which they originate. Each one is unique. Their roles are as varied as their backgrounds. Mixed breed dogs are used in herding and pet-assisted therapy, as rescue and hearing dogs, and in obedience and tracking competition. But their most familiar role is as a much loved family pet and companion.

Technically, a Mixed Breed is the offspring of two different purebreds. The mating of a purebred and a mixed breed results in a litter of Mongrels. And, if both parents are either mixed breeds or mongrels, the pups are Mutts.

But none of this is important. It's the dog's inner self that we love, not the length of his coat or the caliber of his pedigree.

Whether you call your dog a mixed breed, mongrel, or mutt, you're welcome in the Mixed Breed Dog Clubs of America.