Mixed Breed Dog Clubs of America

MBDCA Code of Ethics

dog jumping in agility
  1. MBDCA stresses responsible dog ownership and good sportsmanship toward fellow club members and other dog owners.
  2. I hereby certify that the mixed breed dog(s) owned by myself and/or family members are or will be spayed, neutered or sterilized at the time it is registered with the MBDCA or one of its chapters.
  3. I hereby pledge that any mixed breed dog(s) not registered with the MBDCA or one of its chapters living with me will be neutered, spayed or made sterile by two years of age. Prior to sterilization, all necessary precautions and actions will be taken to prevent the dog from reproducing. This applies also to male dogs.
  4. I shall not breed any purebred dog which is not recognized by an official purebred dog registry that promotes Codes of Ethics for breeders and encourages responsible breeding practices.
  5. As a responsible purebred dog owner, I will not breed my dog indiscriminately, but only to dogs that are suitable for my particular dog, with improving the breed and maintaining high standards for the health of the puppies produced the foremost goals of any breeding. Any dogs I use for breeding will have proper current certification of breed recommended health checks, the dogs will be physically mature, of good temperament and of breeding quality, proven by holding conformation championships or working titles appropriate to the breed. I will take great care where any puppies of my breeding go, and will sell all pet quality puppies on spay/neuter contracts.
  6. I shall not take part in the breeding or promotion of “Designer Dogs” in which two different breeds of purebred dogs are used to create a novelty “mixed-breed” dog.