Mixed Breed Dog Clubs of America

Approved Animal Welfare Organizations for the Awards of Excellence

The MBDCA Board has approved an annual donation to animal welfare organizations that help dogs. The donation will equal 10% of the MBDCA account remaining after annual expenses are paid.

The annual Awards of Excellence winners will choose the organizations that will receive the donations from a list of approved organizations. The list will be compiled over time and the organizations put on the list will all come from MBDCA members.

If you are an MBDCA member and have an organization you'd like to add to the donations list, please e-mail your choice to Kitty Norwood, MBDCA President at bobonorwood@comcast.net. Your choice will be reviewed by the MBDCA Board and, if approved, added to the list of choices.

To be approved by the MBDCA Board, the organization must:

Approved Animal Welfare Organizations

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Rescues dogs and other pets who are victims of hoarders, puppy mills, dog fighting, and natural disasters. Provides veterinary and adoption services to pets in need. Provides a national pet poison hotline.

Suggested by Ann Dahlin originally to start the Awards of Excellence program.

Humane Society of the United States

One of the largest animal welfare organizations helping domestic pets, livestock, and wild animals.

Suggested by Ann Dahlin originally to start the Awards of Excellence program.

Berkeley East Bay Humane Society

Provides rescue, veterinarian, training, and adoption services for pets in need.

Suggested by Christine Blanco.

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

Provides rescue, veterinarian, training, and adoption services for dogs seven years and older.

Suggested by Kitty Norwood

Morris Animal Foundation

Leader in research of diseases and cures for domestic pets and captive wild animals.

Suggested by Gloria McClain

Dogs for the Deaf, Inc.

Use rescued shelter dogs to train as assistance dogs for deaf and autistic people. Other dogs become companions to disabled people and senior citizens.

Suggested by Chris Davison

The Animal Legal Defense Fund

A leader in changing animal laws and in prosecuting via existing laws in order to prevent cruelty to domestic pets, captive wild animals, and farm animals.

Suggested by Ann Dahlin

Stray Rescue of St. Louis

Rescue abused and neglected dogs in St. Louis and surrounding areas. This is a service that is very much needed and that is greatly lacking in this city.

Suggested by Pat Struckel, a volunteer at this organization